About me

My name is Thanh. I am an international student from Vietnam.
I have been studying in Vancouver since 2012.
My major is Computer Systems Technology at BCIT (British Colombia Institute of Technology)
My goal is to one day be a professional software engineer.
Blogging is currently one of my favorite hobbies.
This blog is about my portfolio, web design, C & Java programming language, and all of my artifacts in computer science.
I am here to share with you almost all of my works !!!
Thanks for visiting my blog !!!

You have a great day !!!!

About me:
I am that I am.

Fast facts:

At the TV shows I like to see:
The walking dead, The IT Crowd

Last movie seen:
The Avengers (2012), The Hobbit 2 (2013), The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) 

Music I listen to: Instrumental

Favorite author: Dale Carnegie

Last book read: 

I'm passionate about: technology

I wish I could: be a multi-millionaire

Favorite travel destination: all the world

On my vacation I..: enjoy

If I won 1 million dollars, I would: make another million dollars

If I were a super hero I would: use it for good thing

I want my coffee..: in the morning

Food I like: Vietnamese food   

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